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Where is the closest gas station near me now? Are you driving in your car, and it’s run out of fuel? Are you looking to locate a nearby gas place around your location?

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This site has been developed to help you locate a gas station close to where you are right now, or in a short distance from your current position. Select your preferred fuel brand, and use the maps to get clear directions.

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How to use the fuel locator

This simple and easy to use website, also known as ‘Gas Stations Near Me’, is basically a fuel locator, that is mostly based on popular gasoline station companies, as well as on Google Maps.

We offer information on fuel places that are open 24 hours, mainly around the US, but also in the UK, and even in India, and in other places around the world. Also, you can select your favorite company, such as Shell, BP, Chevron etc… from the top menu on this site, or from the list below, and you will see up-to-date maps, that will easily direct you to gas stations that are close to you right now.

Nearest gas stations to my current location

What more should you know about this website? This site is known as useful, mainly because it shows helpful maps of the nearby gas stations near where you are located now, and in addition to this, it is updated regularly with new, and relevant information, about the best fuel stations, not only in the US, but around the whole world.

The info that’s available on this site, includes details such as contact information, and also exact street addresses, because we want to make it easy as possible for you, to be able to locate a filling station in your area, within seconds.

Petrol stations open now near me

For those of you that are searching for a petrol station that’s open right now, or late at night, this site is probably one of the best solutions online. For example, our open-24/7 article of this website was first created, intentionally, to help anyone locate areas and places of fueling stations open now, in any day of the week, and also late at night.

We would like to add, in addition to the info that we provide about gas stations open near me, we are publishing relevant info about the most popular fuel station companies in Canada and in the U.K., and in the U.S., and of course, this includes information such as ‘steps to help you find the nearest gas nearby me now’, and more articles that are relevant to this topic.

Gas stations around US

What else should you know? In the United States of America, you can find a variety of petrol stations, some of them offers full-service and open twenty-four hours, seven days a week, while others, provides only limited services, such as ‘car wash’. In addition to this, some petrol places are open all day long, including holidays, while others are operation by fixed hours. There are stations that are open on Sundays and there are some that are closed on Sundays, so make sure to view the business hours of the station before you go.

Top 5 best gas stations in the US

We are making big efforts to provide the correct hours of operation of each station. Also, note that in some of the bigger filling stations, the gas prices are cheaper than in other filling places, in addition to this, note that the gas prices are changing often, so make sure to check what are the gas prices before you go.


This website is NOT associated with any of the fuel companies, and we can’t guarantee that by using this cool and handy site, you will have the ability to find gas stations near you. BUT, we are really doing our best to share the most useful information on the topic, and obviously, we are here to help you get directions that will take you to the nearest gas station, anytime you’d like.

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